Religious education. Tips for life with children

The text is aimed at all those who want to awaken the need for the times and care about the young child as a representative of future humanity.

Religious education, a demanding title for the Italian edition of this book which launches a new series dedicated to childhood.

Why demanding? Because commonly in our culture “religious education” brings to mind a catechetical or in any case confessional education, while trying to bring the word religion back to its deepest meaning, you will discover with wonder how truly this is an integral part of feelings and nature man,
With the same title and without fear of misunderstanding, this book born in the Netherlands has already been published in Germany.

Precisely its origin from the “country of painters”, Holland, makes it, even without images, an “illustrated book”, for its gracefulness and philanthropy especially towards parents, for the “good advice” that never become a heavy burden, for the deep thoughts that do not come from the top of a chair, but as if they were born from an interview, along a common road.

The reader can immerse himself in images coming from life with children, with other men and with God. And he always warns directly that these images are not invented, but have been perceived and annotated by the author in the midst of daily life. One passes into the other – light and delicate like clouds. Thoughts that often shine only for a moment – like sunbeams in the clouds – illuminating the changing images. They can touch the heart of the reader in a deep and warm way, yet they are so soft as to leave their innermost core intact. He is not oppressed by moral precepts, nor by dogmas. And yet it will become another if he lets himself be led on a road that requires only repeated small steps and leads to great goals.